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Liectroux G7 LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Self-emptying Dustbin, Multi-floor Map Storage, Selective Room Clean, No-go Zones, Breakpoint Resume Cleaning, 6.5KPa Suction, Vacuum and Mop Combo, Anti-corrosion Water Tank, Ultrasonic Carpet Recognition and Boost Technology, LG5200mAh Battery, 180mins Runtime, 3L Dustbag, 60 Days Hassle-free

Product name: Liectroux G7 LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Self-emptying Dustbin, Multi-floor Map Storage, Selective Room Clean, No-go Zones, Breakpoint Resume Cleaning, 6.5KPa Suction, Vacuum and Mop Combo, Anti-corrosion Water Tank, Ultrasonic Carpet Recognition and Boost Technology, LG5200mAh Battery, 180mins Runtime, 3L Dustbag, 60 Days Hassle-free


With self-emptying auto dust collector

Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

1. Lidar + SLAM Dual Location

  - 5cm-8m Radar Range

  - Real-Time Object Detection Scans and Maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans according to Map.

2.  Wifi APP Controlled 

  - Real-Time Construction Map

3. Hand Drawing Virtual Wall on APP

4. Drawing Cleaning Area on APP

5. Map Upload & Storage on APP

   - Support Multi-floor Map  Storage (Max.5)

6. Breakpoint Continuous Cleaning

7. Adjustable suction power (4 levels)

8.Smart Electric-Controlled Air Pump Water Tank

   - adjustable water output (3 levels)

9.Dust bin and water tank are integrated

Large size host: 350*350*98mm

Wet & Dry cleaning; Anti-Falling; 

with carpet boost technology (ultrasonic wave)

Voice Guidance; Modulized Design;

Schedule Cleaning; Primary & HEPA Filters;

Auto Charge; 

V-shaped Twining Proof Central Brush;

In-Mold Decoration Surface;

Li-ion Battery LG 5200mAh;

Obstacle Crossing: 20mm

NIDEC Brushless Motor imported from Japan.