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Lilin International Group Limited, which has its subsidiary factories located in Shenzhen,and Xiamen, is a large scale professional manufacturer and has an independent R&D center specializing in the development and production of robot vacuum cleaners and window cleaning robots. With a powerful technical group... More

Liectroux i5 Pro All in One wireless hard floor and carpet carpet cleaner and washer, light wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop for multi-surface cleaning, UV sterilization, self-cleaning, with intelligent control system


Multi-surface dry wet cordless vacuum cleaner;
3 in 1 washer, vacuum, UV sterilizer;
Clean carpets (both short and long), floors, tiles and other types of floor without damage;
Self-cleaning function to free up manual work;
Intelligent LED display;
Clean and dirty water separation with double tanks to avoid secondary contamination;
A 750 ml anti-corrosion clean water tank, detergent and disinfectant can be added to the water tank;
450 ml anti-corrosion wastewater tank with separation of solid and liquid waste;
2500 rpm motor with 5kPa suction;
Initiation 254 nm UV sterilization;
Brushless motor, packaged in soundproofing materials;
Double-hole jet water for floor and roller brush cleaning;
The duration of the service is 30 minutes;
Wastewater is recycled through a two-hole running water system to ensure continuous purification of clean water;
23 cm brush with ultra fine fibers;
Come with a hard-fiber brush specifically designed for cleaning long hair;
Charging dock for easy storage and recharging;
User-friendly designs in the product.
Battery: DC36V / 2600mAh / lithium; Power: 256W.