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Mini Robot Vacuum Cleaner LL-286(K6L)

Product name: Mini Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Item No.: LL-286L(K6L)



Color: black

1.A completely automatic cleaner: Press only one button, leaves the cleaner alone, and then recover clean house
2.Mini cleaner:  Size:  28cm (Diameter) X 7.5cm (H)
                Cleaner Weight:  1.5kg
3.Compact shape enables to clean hard-to-reach place.
4.Three kinds walking lines ensure everywhere to be reached (Random, spiral, along the wall)
5.Work quietly to leave you a peaceful environment for working or rest
6.Built-in cliff avoidance sensors prevent falling down stairs
7.Cliff Sensor allows the robot to avoid stairs and other drop-offs.
8.Soft bumper strongly protects both robot and furniture when they're getting closed.
9.Safely power off function: if the wheels stuck off, it will shut off automatically, which is safe and energy saving.
10.Removable brushes design
11.Flashing LED lights in the illumination ring make the robot look amazing while working.
12.The robot cleans the areas you see and those you can't, including under and around furniture.
13.Double Side brushes enlarge cleaning area of hair, dust etc. 

14.With Electrostatic dust paper, the mini robot can do both vacuuming and mopping job.

15.Big capacity of rechargeable battery, continuous working time(30-45 minutes) for different floor materials:
 Board floor: about 40 minutes/  Marble floor: about 45 minutes / Carpet: about 30 minutes
16.Power consumption: Around 17 watt when fully operated
17.Battery: Ni-MH 14.4V 800mAh (machine)
18.Charging time: 2.5-3.5h (machine); 100V-240V
19.Walking speed: 23cm/sec
20.Trash Box Capacity: 0.2L
21.Color: black
22.EU plug

1X Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1X Dusting paper holder
1X Adapter
1X Rechargeable battery
2X Side brushes
3X Dusting paper
1X Operation manual
2X Filter nets:
One filter net in the cleaner
One replacement filter net in the package