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Robot Vacuum Cleaner KK8

Product name:  Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Item No.: KK-8

Color: White


New functions:

 The indicator will change to light green and the robot beeps without stop when there happens malfunction during work.

 The robot will slow down automatically when it detects front obstacles.


1. Powerful Suction & Intelligent Suction Adjustment

A. Powerful suction

With strong suction power, the product possesses super cleaning capabilities - even tiny dust on the floor will be thoroughly cleaned.

B. Intelligent Suction Adjustment

This product is able to automatically adjust its suction power when meeting different floor environments. Not only could it make cleaning more efficient, but also it helps save more power.


2. Considerate Designs

A. Easy operation

By pressing only ONE button, you could easily direct the robot!

B. Dust bin is washable

Dust bin could be washed by water. Simply wash dust bin under tap water per use to avoid dust blowing to the air and cause a second pullution.

C. With LED touch button, HEPA filter,two side-brushes, remote control and mop.


3. Various Cleaning Modes

Four cleaning modes are provided to meet your needs.

A. Auto cleaning mode

The robot will clean a room automatically and adjust its cleaning mode according to the environment.

B. Spot cleaning mode

When the robot detects a dirtier area, it will activate spot cleaning mode, which will clean in a spiral way.

C. Edge cleaning mode

When the robot detects that it is along the wall, it will activate edge cleaning mode.

D. Scheduling mode

When certain time is scheduled, the robot will leave the home base and start working in the scheduled time.

4. Product parts:

KK8 component2.jpg


No.1 Main Body ......1pc


No.2 Charging Home Base ......1pc


No.3 Remote Control (battery not included) ......1pc


No.4 Cleaning Tool (help to clean the robot)......1pc


No.5 Side Brushes ...... 4pcs


No.6 Screws for Side Brushes ......4pcs


No.7 User Manual ...... 1pc


No.8 HEPA Filter ...... 2pcs (including 1pc inside the dustbin)


No.9 Power Adapter ...... 1pc


No.10 Mopping Cloth ...... 1pc